Ogma Media released its research summary for the USA market. Click on the image to read the report (Linkedin).
Ogma Media released its research summary for the USA market. Click on the image to read the report (Linkedin).

Ogma’s Claire Linley explains the company’s unique proposition for advertisers. (NOTE: Launching in 2022)

To ensure maximum reach and ROI for our advertisers, we are selecting only one business per industry category for total exclusivity on our network for a one-year term.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can offer you exclusivity and a competitive edge to make your advertising budget work smarter and go further.

The biggest and most exciting news network launch of the 21st Century!

Read more about us, what’s being launched, our mission, our global approach, our promise to always report the truth, and our efforts to bring truth in advertising.

  • Three TV channels: Ogma1 (USA Domestic); Ogma2 (International); Ogma3 (Business).
  • Global Footprint: 100+ million households (200 million people) from day 1; 200+ million households in year 2; 300+ million households year 3 onward.
  • Global Coverage: 30 international bureaus, 200+ reporters, 500+ correspondents and analysts, 250 staff (UK), 150 staff (USA); International HQ and main studios: London (area): USA HQ and studios: New York City; Additional studios: Brussels, Los Angeles, Washington D.C.
  • 15 studios: spread over 5 locations with 7 fully functional control rooms.

Are you a talented reporter, an experienced TV producer or director? Do you have a proven track record in media (TV, Radio, multi-media), or do you have other media skills and talents? Get in touch with us!

We are hiring talents for our 2022 launch. Experienced anchors, producers, reporters, correspondents, analysts, engineers, camera specialists, writers, and multi-media specialists are welcome to contact us. Your information will be treated strictly confidential. Fill in the form, and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.

Are you an experienced TV talent, ready for your next challenge?
Lauching 03/2022: Three 24-hour TV news channels
Contact us if you're a media executive, TV anchor, reporter, producer, writer etc.
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Global Village: Important, Inspiring and Breaking news from all over the world.

We bring you international news all day, everyday. Finding your local news in national and international media isn’t always easy. At Ogma, we make great effort to tell important and interesting local stories.

the presidential debate

Political Scientist and Anchor of Ogma Politics, Henry Smith

Watch the presidential debate, moderated by Henry Smith, tonight at 22:00.

Political Scientist and Anchor of Ogma Politics, Henry Smith

From Around The World.

We Bring You Live TV and Radio News: Breaking & Developing Stories, Politics, Economy, Business, Health, Travel and much more...

Watch election coverage from UK and international reporters.

BREXIT: Where the country's lawmakers have failed, the people will have to come to the rescue. Elections on 12 December 2019.

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About Ogma

Analysis & Comment.

Ogma World Politics Review provides uncompromising analysis of critical global trends to give policymakers, analysts, academics and readers with a deep interest in international affairs something to think, talk, and debate about.

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November 2022

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Ogma’s brand new early morning show ``Morning Chat`` with your favorite anchors launches on September 26, 2020 on Ogma2 - and that's just one of the many exciting new launches. Want a behind-the-scenes look at the morning show and other events? Do you want to win beautiful and valuable prices, you’re in luck:

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