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Ogma stands for truth, trust, integrity, and quality – bringing considerable value to our viewers. With this foundation, we have created a ground-breaking commercial structure for our advertisers

To ensure maximum reach and ROI for our advertisers, we are selecting only one business per industry category for total exclusivity on our network for a one-year term. 

Our advertisers will select the channels, regions and segments they wish to advertise in to ensure they reach the most targeted and receptive audience, while minimizing the competition.  

At Ogma we know that addressable advertising is the future and we’ve made it our specialty.  

Our advertisers are given the freedom to custom tailor their ad allotments on our global TV network, in order to optimize their brand’s exposure to our audiences and increase their Return on Investment.

We give our advertising partners the power of choice – of multiple networks, region-specific programming, time slots, and frequency. We do this because we want to be your partner and succeed together.

This is all possible with the added benefit of not having to compete with other companies in your industry. Imagine – complete exclusivity, no competition. This is an unparalleled media buy.

Once we understand the scope of your requirements, we’ll provide you with our per annum media buy-in guidelines. This will allow you to bid for the exclusive rights to be the industry-leader on the Ogma Network for an entire year.

Ogma TV’s leading-edge technology, which encompasses a global TV network, digital radio channels, and an accompanying online streaming news platform, will allow our multi-million person audience to play a vital interactive role in shaping our content offerings.

For our viewers, the use of the Ogma APP will allow them to directly interact with our content and with our advertisers.  For advertisers, this permission-based APP allows a wide range of targeted interactions between businesses and their intended audience demographic.

Ogma TV is the brainchild of a core team of seasoned business, broadcast, and advertising professionals that have a passion for quality news, content delivery platforms, and marketing-based technology.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can offer you exclusivity and a competitive edge to make your advertising budget work smarter and go further. Use this form to contact our team.

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