Anielpersad Lachman

Anielpersad Lachman

Anielpersad has 30 years of business experience in a variety of fields, including;

  • Retail (food, shops and wholesale)
  • Entertainment (organizing events)
  • Video & Media (satellite, Internet, TV, magazine)
  • Civil engineering (APL-Cyclestand – innovation)
  • Real Estate and Tourism projects in Suriname (South America).

CEO of KISHAN BHUMANDLA NV (KB), a project development company registered in Paramaribo Suriname (South America). Nine projects such as The Water Villlach, KB-City, Education & Sport Academy Centre and another six ongoing projects with an expected development period of 8 years (2019 till 2027).

CEO of KB IM/EX MINE & FIELD OPERATIONS NV, a company that is active in the import of several products for Suriname, such as (raw and 99% pure) Silica sand for the Caribbean (beach protection), expanding in Q3/2020 for worldwide export focusing on industrial purposes for factories with products such as; (tempered) glass (TV, Mobile, glasses etc.), food and the mining industry.

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