Gregory Nemitz

Gregory W. Nemitz


Greg’s personal passion is being a Space Activist. Much of his career focus has been for developing seeds for a space-faring civilization for humanity’s future. He joined the National Space Society in 1988.  He joined the Space Frontier Foundation in 1995 and was elected Advocate of the Foundation in 1997.

Orbital Development is Greg’s consulting company for space activities. He developed extensive contacts in the emerging commercial space industry and the space activist movement. As a part of his space advocacy, he performed extensive legal research into property rights, common law, and constitutional rights and initiated legal proceedings to require the US government to recognize claims and property rights to natural objects in Space.

Greg also worked in Moscow, Russia as his client’s liaison to major aerospace companies, government agencies and academic aerospace programs. He was a C-level executive at TransOrbital, a start-up company created to provide infrastructure services in space and on the moon.  Plans included lunar orbiters, microlanders and deep space communications services.

Greg was liaison to potential customers and investors, developed technical specifications for proposed missions, and wrote and reviewed contracts. At International Space Enterprises, he was an Engineering Technician in the field of robotics, hand-building a series of 14 remotely controlled prototype Mars rovers for a NASA contract.

Greg’s roles at Ogma Titans Media also include advising the core development team on business strategies and directions. Greg has worked closely with the company’s founder, Neal S. Lachman, since 1999 in a broadly technical and business development capacity.

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