Shakuntala Lachman

Shakuntala Lachman

Shakuntala has a diverse background in business. She has been an angel investor since the 1990s, and she founded and operated Sandesh Events, where she planned and organized events and catering, as well as a business lounge for business people. She is an accomplished business coach and advisor, and has excellent communications and customer service skills.

  • – Experienced business coach
  • – Former special events entrepreneur
  • – Angel Investor
  • – Advisory Board Member, Ogma Titans Media
  • – Advisory Board Member, Angie/ Oy Networks
  • – Co-founder millionaire magazine
  • – Chief External Relations, Titans World
  • – Associated with NSL & Co since 2016
  • – Partner NSL & Co. since 2020

Shakuntala worked as a pedagogical employee in child care for many years, and at the beginning of her career she worked as an administrative employee of Philips and Postbank N.V.

Shakuntala has a straight and clear vision of the business world, where integrity and ethics serve as banner characteristics. She cares deeply about socially responsible business practices, cultural awareness, world improvement, and animal rights – going as far as living a vegan lifestyle, and sharing her home with birds and bunnies, and having the same values instilled in her son and daughter. Shakuntala is an authentic life and business coach, and as such she has been the primary coach for her brother, Ogma’s principal founder, Neal S. Lachman, since his earliest days in business (1989). She was also a significant angel investor in almost all of his (previous) businesses.

In her free time, Shakuntala is dedicated to finishing her first roman, which is planned for publication mid-2022.

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