Shamir Stein

Shamir Stein

Technology has always been a key source of fascination to Shamir. Ever since he was a young boy, he has been around electronics, computers and machines, strongly influencing his career choices and general course in life. Be it programming a simple game on an 8086 based computer in the 80s, or deliberately blowing electronics systems into pieces in high school, it has always been around technology and its practical uses.

Prior to his 1st degree university studies, Shamir worked for several startup companies in the late 90s, as a software designer. During the last 25 years, Shamir has held multiple roles at Fibrolan Limited, a specialized telecom systems vendor. The various positions included SW engineering, system architecture, customer support, marketing, sales, and finally serving as Fibrolan’s CEO for the last 10+ years.

Following graduation from one of Israel’s top technological high schools (majoring in computer science, electronics and physics), Shamir joined the Israeli Air Force, where he served as an instructor for radar technicians, throughout his three year service.

During his early career stages, Shamir went on to obtain a BSC degree in Communication Systems Engineering from the Ben Gurion University (one of the top 4 academic institutions for technology in Israel), followed by MSC studies that followed later on. The skills and knowledge gained during this period laid the foundations for Shamir to become a Communications expert.

Shamir is married, with three children, and lives in a local town in the Northern part of Israel. Volunteer activities include involvement with the Israeli Hitech Association, as well as different roles in his hometown’s high school’s central PTA.

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