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Neal S. Lachman, Founder & CEO

Neal has more than 32 years of business experience, including 26 years in finance and technology. He is a thoroughly experienced, energetic, and bold investor who is “cut from entrepreneurial cloth.” Neal is also a pragmatic and strategic planner with a long-term business philosophy.

Neal is a telecoms pioneer and an outspoken entrepreneur; his opinion (often conveyed through White Papers since 2000) has earned him the respect from one part of the industry, as well as severe dislike from another part. Neal prides himself in having correctly called most of the telecom and technology trends and developments since 2000, often contrarian to commonly understood trends.

    • Founder, Ogma Titans Media
    • Along with Gregory Nemitz at the predecessor company of Angie Communications, as the only private group, pioneered and evangalized the Fiber-to-the-Home/Fiber-to-the-Premises industry – since early 200
    • Founded Angie Communications/Oy Networks, the world’s largest telecom startup – specializing in large scale next-gen telecom infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence, x Reality, and futuristic integrated services and applications
    • Pioneered the concept of Ultra-Intelligent cities in 2016; networking beyond Smart Cities (read Angie’s analysis here)
    • Launched first millionaire and elite magazine in Europe (1997)
    • Was, at 27, the youngest member ever of the world’s most elite club
    • Founder & CEO, Ogma Titans Media
    • Founder & Group CEO, Angie/ Oy Networks
    • Founding Managing Partner, NSL & Co. LLC
    • 32+ years of business experience
    • Managed Titans World’s financing round
    • Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (accredited by ABC Awards) at MindPower Alliance; volunteering therapist for suicide-prevention, burn-out, and depressed individuals

Active in the residential fiber industry since 2000, Neal sponsored and presented at the first major Fiber To The Home (FTTH) gathering in the world, which took place at the Rotterdam Theater, the Netherlands in 2002. As such, Neal (along with Gregory Nemitz) is widely recognized as one of the earliest pioneers in the now global FTTH industry. At Angie/Oy, Neal and his team are now pioneering fixed and wireless connectivity for residential, commercial and industrial customers.

  • – Raised his first angel capital in 1989 (at age 181/2), and again in 1992 from a group of angel investors, including a direct investment from one of the Netherlands’ UHNW- and oldest business families
  • – Specialized (at age 22 – for his business mentor, a major real estate investor, and Management Buyout specialist) in finding real estate corporations with tax replacement reserve obligations. Neal’s success with this business allowed him to become an investor at a very young age
  • – Founded the first European millionaire magazine (conceived in 1992, launched in 1997)
  • – Became Senior Partner at Holland Advisory Services Ltd (1995 – 1998). HAS Ltd was a boutique investment firm with several groups, including (media & retail) investments, business consultancy, and M&A
  • – Received three satellite broadcast television licenses from the Dutch Commission for the Media (1995); Successfully negotiated television content and satellite capacity (1995-1998)
  • – Founding Investor of the world’s largest telecom startup, Angie Communications (predecessor company in 1999, focusing on Broadband Internet over Satellite)
  • – Wrote 50+ articles on the psychology of (political) hatred
  • – Literally wrote “the book” (150+page white paper) on Next Generation Telecom Infrastructures (back in June 2007): “Building Communications Infrastructures for the 21st Century: A Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity for Investors, Vendors and Partners”. Read by 2,000+industry and investment professionals
  • – Alerted telco industry (through published papers) on shortcomings of Broadband over Satellite (2000), PON (2003), WiMAX (2005/07), City-WiFi (2007), etc.
  • – Wrote an analysis in August 2012 on Google’s entry in the FTTH market. Was the Editor’s Pick on SeekingAlpha (link). The analysis was featured in a Forbes article (link)
  • – In November 2012, published “Disastrous Flaws in FTTH Business Planning”, a wake-up call that shook the industry, and forced the industry to look for more robust business and development models
  • – Attracted famous actor Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner, The Hitcher, etc.) as investor/Creative Director of Angie (and its predecessor firms). (Read Neal’s tribute to Rutger Hauer here)
  • – Wrote numerous consultancy papers for the FCC (USA), Ofcom (UK), and European countries.
  • – Selected team of very successful people to help run NSL & Co., Angie Communications/Oy, and Ogma Media

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