Michael J. Sullivan

Michael J. Sullivan

Michael J. Sullivan is a team building and business development leader with experience in multiple industries that spans over 30 years. With a base in US military leadership, Michael has worked in defense contracting, communication (fiber optics), management systems and even film production. A true renaissance man and natural leader, all of Michael’s ventures have achieved success in business development, reducing budgetary costs and capital investment payback.

Michael is used to working with all types of customers, teams and employees from senior management to front line workers. Starting his professional career as a lineman at Frontier Communications in 1987, Michael learned early on the pressures facing these types of teams and as he rose through the ranks to vice president, he took those lessons with him as he managed those teams. He gained a diverse knowledge of the communications industry and did almost every job in the company from researching and tracking technology developments, evaluating communications hardware and implementing communication networks to budgeting, financial analysis and company-wide business development.

Michael left Frontier Communications in 2013, being the revenue leader in sales ten years in a row. While he was still with Frontier, however, Michael also started his first company in 2006, a defense contracting firm called Defense Solutions International. He is currently still the President and COO of this now multinational company which provides military and government program management specializing in military equipment upgrades and infrastructure project management.

Michael, via Defense Solutions international is a SME & world leader in the rebuild, upgrade and modernization of armored combat vehicles. This has resulted in multimillion-dollar contracts throughout the world, such as the T-72 tank upgrade programs, oil pipeline construction, and security in Iraq and factory builds in India.

While still working on his own defense contracting project, Michael made a lateral move from Frontier Communications to Zayo Group in 2013. Zayo is another heavy hitter in the communications and fiber optics industry and as vice president, Michael focused on business and human capital development, managing and building employee and contract teams in the southwest region of the US. Now a master of workflow, Michael’s southwest engineering and construction team became the highest performing in the company.

At Zayo Michael also managed multimillion-dollar budgets, corrected costs, acquired real estate and built facilities and grew their customer base, making it a first-choice provider for fiber optic and ethernet needs. Under his management, Zayo built 5,000 miles of new cable, reduced plant operating costs by 40%, general operations costs by 5% overall and brought the parts and labor budget out of the red. During this time, ZAYO successfully launch its IPO.

In 2013 Michael also started another passion project in the film industry. He formed Rapture Pictures with Charissa Saverio (also known as DJ Rap in the music world) to produce a number of films, including Selfie Dad, Seeker Friendly and Wrapped Around the World, as well as Saverio’s own music video for her single “Detonate.” Since it began, Rapture has partnered with other film producers like KAPPA Studios, Six Digit Productions and Assembly line Productions.

As his skillset so often dictates, Michael wears multiple hats with Rapture as a screenwriter and analyst, military adviser for other projects and his partners, vehicle (picture car) casting, talent casting and production. Just as in communications and defense, Michael has established himself in film as a shrewd project manager, ensuring all the work he does stays on budget and on time.

While he’s been quite busy the last few years with Defense Solutions International and Rapture, Michael also spent part of his time in 2017 and 2018 lending his military expertise to a then-startup company, Fibrotex USA. As another defense contractor specializing in camouflaging and personal protection of troops in battle, Fibrotex USA was very much in Michael’s wheelhouse as someone who specializes in surveillance and engineering materials.

Michael’s skills were also called upon to build the company infrastructure at Fibrotex USA Since it was a startup, Michael did everything from hiring and firing and building an HR department to marketing to government relations. His leadership at Fibrotex USA resulted in the small company acquiring a $480 million dollar US government IDIQ (indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity) contract, once again proving Michael’s track record as a stellar business developer and manager.

Over the course of his 30+ year career in communications, defense and film, Michael Sullivan has built countless connections, helped small business, started and succeeded in his own ventures and helped troops in the military to have the best possible equipment and protection. His engineering base, diverse skills and ability to adapt to any situation has served him and the companies he’s worked with very well over the past three decades, and partners can rest assured that future ventures will be just as successful.

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