Michael J. Sullivan

Michael J. Sullivan

Mike is a high achieving, results producing, team building, and business development leader with 30+ years of telecommunications, construction industry, and U.S. military leadership experience. He is proficient at enamoring customers, implementing projects on time, and on budget, reducing costs, and maximizing capital investment payback.

Mike successfully led multiple 150+ employee teams. He has a strong reputation as an outstanding leader who has instant credibility with customers; he can get things done and deliver bottom line value. Mike has an exceptional ability to work with multi-function senior leadership, middle-management, and front-line teams.

Mike has consistent outstanding performance evaluation ratings throughout his career, as CEO or other C Level, as senior military officer, and as a front line employee.

Content & Entertainment

Mike also has an interest in screenwriting and film making. His most recent venture and a clear passion project is his new entertainment company, Rapture Pictures, in 2016. The company has since produced a number of films, including the Faith friendly Selfie Dad, Seeker Friendly and Wrapped Around the World, as well as the music video “Detonate.” Since it began, Rapture has partnered with other film producers like KAPPA Studios, Six Digit Productions and Assembly line Productions.

As his skillset so often dictates, Mike wears multiple hats with Rapture as a screenwriter and analyst, military adviser for other projects and his partners, vehicle (picture car) casting, talent casting and production. Just as in communications and defense, he has established himself in film as a dedicated project manager, ensuring all the work he does stays on budget and on time.


Mike is a team building and business development leader with experience in multiple industries that spans over 30 years, but the industry where he honed all of his skills was communications. Beginning his career as a lineman with Frontier Communications in 1987, Mike became an expert in the architecture of fiber optic engineering and construction. His natural leadership skills helped him rise through the ranks as Frontier Communications to become Corporate Director for the company.

During his tenure there, Mike learned every aspect of communications engineering from researching and tracking technology developments, evaluating communications hardware and implementing communication networks to budgeting, financial analysis, and company-wide business development.

When Mike left Frontier Communications in 2013, he was the revenue leader of “Take The Lead” sales, so his track record preceded him when he became Vice President at Zayo Group, another leader in communications and fiber optics, that same year. With Zayo, Mike focused even more on business and human capital development, workflow, managing and building employee and contract teams in the southwest region of the US. Under his direction, the southwest engineering and construction team at Zayo became the highest performing in the company and the company itself grew to the industry giant it is today.

With almost 30 years working in communication, Mike has been a major part of the changing landscape of this technology. As just one of his many specialties, much of the fiber optic and communication technology that we use today can be credited back to the teams he put together.


From flying rotary wing aircraft for the US Military to purchasing his first plane while in his 20’s, Mike has a passion for aviation, piloting and aircraft. He has served to keep aviation history alive, as member of various aircraft museums, and working with teams to locate historic aircraft around the globe.

Mike currently resides in the “aviation hotspot” of Phoenix AZ and spends portions of his free time exploring aircraft boneyards and working with local museums. His military training in piloting, maintenance, and flight operations has been key to his success in his defense business (DSIG), where he has consulted with Defense Ministers in Jet and Helicopter procurement, training and maintenance.


Mike held a post as a Director for Heart of God International Ministries, (HGIM). His focus was on Haiti after the devastating earthquake of 2010. Mike worked with teams from his church to ensure that Haitian children were rescued and then cared for through a orphanage HGIM created and sponsors to this day. In 2014 with the invasion of Iraq by ISIS, Mike formed a new charity UNITED MISSIONS (UM) as a Division of HGIM, using his own funds.

UM, a Christian Crisis Management Organization dedicated to sharing the Gospel by supporting local Emergency Services as well as other NGOs in Iraq. In January 2017 it was requested by an Outside Funding Body (OFB) that United Missions deploy to Kurdistan in Northern IRAQ to assist in management of Refugee Centers and Infrastructure Projects. UM’s role was initially to provide project oversight (Audit & Inspect) for the OFB. Tentative initiative was for UM to manage funding of relief efforts and projects within the refugee camps in Erbil and elsewhere in Northern Iraq.

Upon investigation, Mike uncovered a political climate of rampant corruption regarding NGOs in Iraq and determined that it would not be in UM’s best interest nor that of HGIM to deploy at that time. However, Mike continues to support vetted NGO’s in the region.


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